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Welcome to The Halhed Family genealogy web site, last revised November 2011. The four present-day principal family lines start with the author's family surname, Halhed. My mother's maiden name was Harlow. Going back another generation adds the Hill family on my father's side and the Tozer family on my mother's side. As of 2011, the earliest known roots for all four of these families are in England. Other family branches mainly originate in the British Isles, with a few originating in France.

The Halhed family is especially interesting to research because it is a relatively small family with an unusual surname, making it much easier to trace connections to the family tree using available resources. The same, though, can't be said for the Hill, Harlow and Tozer family connections.

Wherever possible, we have provided solid references and citations to sources of our information. Please be aware, however, that in our earliest days of building our family history, we, like many neophytes, regrettably did use some sources which may have been based on little beyond best guesses or wishful thinking. It's also important to be aware that even such early references as the UK county visitations and other volumes of pedigrees occasionally left out pieces of family that were not seen as contributing to the luster of the pedigree in the eyes of the person providing the details those hundreds of years ago. We constantly strive to repair the gaps and inconsistencies, and welcome and appreciate any corrections offered by visitors to our site.

As one goes back in time, those people best documented are those who made their name in the annals of history — by being a land-owner, a member of the nobility, a person of letters, a member of the clergy, a member of government, a person who participated in a great battle, or a person who was beheaded or otherwise executed in some turbulent historical time. Records can fairly easily be found for those who attended universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, for those who became clergymen, lawyers or physicians, and for those who pursued military careers.  Others can be traced through records of property and inheritance. We are fortunate that the Halhed family line included a fair number of individuals of means and/or education, facilitating the documentation of our research.

On the other hand, many of our forebears led less auspicious lives, never owned land or accumulated wealth, and lacked higher education.  These can be some of the most challenging to find, especially if they went by relatively common given names or surnames, or if there are errors in such records as may exist (e.g., census records).  These people may well be lost to posterity — at least until that serendipitous moment when an old family Bible is discovered in a long-forgotten attic by a previously unknown relative, or a fortuitous connection among census and birth records comes to light, or some other unanticipated breakthrough occurs.  Your help is invaluable for resolving these many mysteries and building the tree out farther.

Our on-line Halhed family data only includes names of persons who are confirmed to be dead and, in the absence of confirmation of death, persons who were born more than 120 years ago for whom death is assumed. We are nonetheless interested in hearing from (or about) individuals connected to this family tree who are still alive, even though their names and other details will not appear on this website in order to protect their privacy.

About Our Web Site:

The family history details on this web site are extracted from our main off-line records, compiled using the Legacy Deluxe software, currently at Version, on a IBM-PC compatible computer (Mac and Linux versions of Legacy are not available). Using Legacy's tools, we periodically extract an up-to-date genealogy database known as a Gedcom v5.5 file, which is used as the basis for the program which presents our data on this web site. The Gedcom database format was originally developed by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) for its Personal Ancestry Family software and has become the de facto standard genealogy exchange file format.

The on-line database uses the MySQL engine, accessed using the PHP scripting language. The middleware for all this is a well designed and supported software program called The Next Generation (TNG), currently at version 8.1.2.

The site has many capabilities and features, so please read the background information to be found using the main menu (gray-colored with gold border) at the top of each page. Menus for the genealogical information will appear as individual icons below the main menu bar.

One new feature on our site is hover, especially over search results, which gives a helpful summary of that person's life, to help search the list for a specific individual.

Your comments, suggestions and questions about our family, our citations, our on-line presence, etc. are very welcome — we make a point of replying to your messages!

Please bookmark this page and browse our site often. We try to update the on-line data at least quarterly, and the richest updates have often followed the cold Canadian winters when the lion's share of our genealogical research gets done.